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How to Wash and Care for Synthetic Wigs

As you may know by now: Synthetic wigs are no Human hair and as such, cannot be washed and care for in the same way.

Below youll find a Detailed Video about Washing and caring for your Synthetic wigs. This will help your hair last longer and stay flawless.

Other tips:

  • Never Style your wigs While wet! Styling while wet can damage the Wig's Construction and/ or reduce its Durability.

  • Always brush your wig with a wig brush before washing. doing this will remove tandles and unnecessary buildups.

  • Wash your Wigs reguarly: WE recommend washing your wig every 4 to 6 weeks (see video below).

  • Air Dry: Air dry your wig by hanging it loosely on a wig stand (you can also use a spray can) to ensure Healthy looking fibers

  • Using a wig Cap underneath a wig often results in a more comfortable wearing experience. The Cap will also Protect your natural hair, and can help to prevent breakage and thinning.

  • Do Accessorize Your wigs: Don't be afraid to spice it up with accessories.


Take a look at our synthetic wig collection.


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